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SVC’s Minneapolis Office Damaged in Sunday’s Tornado

May 25, 2011

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SVC Volunteers Maintained 24-Hour Coverage on Crisis Line

The Sunday afternoon tornado that ripped through North Minneapolis affected Sexual Violence Center’s Minneapolis Office. Thankfully, no one was injured. SVC’s crisis management plan kicked in and our 24-hour crisis hotline was forwarded so that SVC could maintain coverage. SVC volunteers were also able to continue to respond to medical advocacies at local hospitals in the immediate aftermath of the violent tornado.

SVC’s Minneapolis office sustained structural damage as a large tree fell onto our roof, along with significant water damage from severe rains during the storm. You can see pictures of the downed tree on the roof of SVC in the slideshow above. We are grateful that no SVC staff or volunteers were hurt during or after the storm. Our hearts go out to the individuals, families and business-owners in the community whose property was damaged due to the tornado. Everyone has been pulling together and helping each other, which is a testament to the strength of the Northside community.

Tornado Damage Comes at Perilous Time for Sexual Violence Center

Most, but not all, of the roof and water damage caused in the SVC Minneapolis Office is covered by insurance. This crisis comes at a perilous time for the Sexual Violence Center. Because of the storm damage, we are currently unable to provide support programming in the Minneapolis Office, for which we receive income. We must pay some storm damage costs not covered by insurance, and we face a watershed moment as the Minnesota Legislature contemplates massive budget cuts. We fully expect that the state budget for sexual assault services will be reduced by 35 percent, which will be passed on to area programs. This cut will go into effect in October 2011.

Please help us weather the storm! You can make a donation either through our website at, or by texting STAND to 27722 to donate $10 (through September 30, 2011), or through our page at

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