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La Voz del Cambio (The Voice of Change)

April 15, 2010

In response to sexual violence prevention, a group of Twin Cities Latino community members and community-based entities came together in late 2009 to form the coalition, La Voz del Cambio (The Voice of Change). The group’s mission is – To identify, raise awareness about and eliminate all forms of sexual violence. Its vision – Through education about sexual health, support, and collaboration, we may have a society free of sexual violence that is based on mutual respect, respect for different spiritual practices and beliefs, sexual orientation, and physical and mental abilities.

La Voz del Cambio will address the issue of sexual violence within the Latino community and the need for a coordinated culturally appropriate response. Through the planning and implementation process SVC’s planning group, La Voz del Cambio, wants to educate the Latino community about:
• Sexual violence prevention and intervention
• Sexual health
• How to support a victim/survivor of sexual violence
• Legal rights related to sexual violence
• Legal remedies for sexual assault victims/survivors, including immigration remedies
• Importance of social connectedness with friends, community-based agencies, faith-based communities, school, and safe family members; and

Train Spanish-speaking volunteer sexual assault advocates to provide:
• 24 hour crisis line support
• One-to-one Counseling
• Support Groups
• Support during evidentiary exams at the hospital
• Legal Advocacy, and

Ultimately, through training of providers in the medical and social service fields, La Voz del Cambio will broaden the base of community providers who are trained on working with sexual assault victims/ survivors in the Latino community.

Anyone interested in joining La Voz del Cambio (all meetings are held in Spanish only) should contact Pamela Zeller via email at or call her at 612-871-5100 ext. 16.

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